Creating A Healthy Routine


 “The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.”
Mike Murdock

 I fell in love with my life routines and my life again! In the beginning of April, I went through a break-up. I felt lost, co-dependent and not myself. The next day after the break up I promised myself to fall in love with my life again. That day everything changed. I called a girlfriend who I find to be very strong and independent and asked her advice. She said creating a routine in your life. You will find what you love and your days will unfold before your eyes. As most of my friends, we are independent contractors from job to job. Different hours, different days and some traveling in and out. We have no routine or set schedule to ground us and for some of us taking the time to figure out a routine can be hard. This is what I discovered.

Morning Routine

Have a morning routine and pick a healthy habit! Every morning I wake up, make hot water lemon, read a chapter in a motivational book, journal and meditate. All before I really begin my day (or get out of bed)! I also read my horoscope and do my tarot cards to help me really get in touch with myself that day. One of my girlfriends paints every morning, my roommate writes and makes a healthy smoothie and my other girlfriend runs on the beach. No matter what I have planned that day I make sure I do my morning routine! I fell in love with starting my day and what could be more magical than starting your day positive!? (umm..Breakfast?)

Weekly Routine

Whether you are an independent contractor (aka hustler) or have a steady job, creating a weekly routine is another great way to happiness and love. My week and days are always changing, last minute addition to driving two hours to Palm Springs for a gig; the thing I can count on is change. I make sure to create a weekly routine: like going to yoga twice a week, going to open gym for martial arts, assisting my friend's salsa class to have lunch with my friends. If you can pick days of the week like going to the farmers market every Tuesday or going for walk to see the sunset on Sundays, it creates a sense of purpose in our lives and becomes fun!

Night Routine

Especially us late night entertainers, it can be hard to make a night routine. At 2 am all I can think about it washing pounds of makeup off my face and resting my feet, but a night routine is also important. The nights I don’t work late I make tea, go online and add to my manifestation Pinterest boards and meditate. I also write down or say to myself what I was grateful for that day! It’s a great way to reflect and get in touch with myself. I realize every night before I go to bed how lucky I am. On my late nights, I always make to sure reflect on three things I was grateful for that day.

I learned that creating a routine, created a sense of purpose in my life. And for most of us that is what we are looking for; our life purpose. Maybe it’s in our small routines and healthy habits? I really fell back in love with my life and myself! What healthy habits are you creating? Where can you make time to find a sense of purpose?

 I am beyond grateful for my friend Stephanie Nelson who gave me this advice.