How I Got the Perfect Summer Tan and Didn’t Use Sunscreen!


SPF Secrets | I just got back from a week trip in Los Cabos Mexico with my parents. We swam in the pool and laid in the sun every day, all day long! I came back bronzed and glowing. Not a single burn or skin irritation.

Here are my secrets-

  • Red Raspberry Seed Oil– I talked about natural sunscreens in my July 2016 newsletter. Red Rasberry Seed Oil has an SPF of 28-40!!! I Put this all over my body when laying out. Plus it smelled amazing!
  • 100% Pure Argon Oil Hydration– It has an SPF of 30 and I put this on my face when out in the sun. It’s hydrating plus argon oil has so many amazing skin benefits!
  • Green tea- I drank iced green tea every morning! You already know it has a lot of benefits, but did you know that the same powerful antioxidants that protect your cells on the inside can also protect your skin on the outside? A 2000 study found that when applied to the skin, green tea protects against sunburn. You can also enjoy the benefits if you drink the tea. A 2003 study found those who drank two or more cups a day had a 65 percent lower risk of skin cancer.
  • California Baby Summer Blend– Ok so I did use a ‘sunscreen’ but it’s for baby’s and I put it on my shoulders and chest. We should all be treating our skin like it is a precious baby!!! HELLO!!! It’s SPF 30 and waterproof. It’s rated one of the top sunscreens from the Environmental Working Group! NO chemicals, mineral based and just amazing! It’s everything you can ask for in a sunscreen!

After being in the sun all day I moisturize with coconut oil, aloe and Surfers Salve. I also believe what you eat helps with your skin’s natural way of absorbing sunlight and UV rays. I don’t eat sugar, grains and daily and these can very must effect your skin in the sun. Everyone has different skins types so I am urging people to look for natural ways as well as using a highly rated sunscreen from EWG would be ideal. Check out there link below.