Gather your Tribe REGULARLY


You know what’s awesome? Friends. The friends that you have deep conversations with about life and make you want to get friendship bracelets. Those friends that you vent to, get advice from and that you don’t feel judged by. Two of the biggest life boost are exercise and religious attendance. What is the secret to happiness  in these two? It’s a sense of scheduled community to them. Church on Sundays and Soul Cycle on Wednesdays.


When we show up regularly we are creating a sense of community, a bond and a sense of trust in those around us. So what does this have to do with friendships? I realized I had a couple of amazing friends that I always made the effort to hang out for a coffee meeting, breakfast or attend an event together, but it wasn’t just randomly. We actually set aside time to be “good friends”. Some friends I see more than others, but most of the time my closet friends I see at minimum once month.


When schedule work, hair appointments, and some of us have a hard time scheduling actual time to be with our close friends. Why is this so hard for some when studies show you will gain more of a well-being for life thought happiness and joy.


Surround yourself with the friends and people whom you admire. The people you hang around  shape the person you become. If you are seeking creativity go hang around the friends that are inspiring artist. If you want to improve your health, hang around those who have motivation and are active. This is actually the strongest and most direct path of change.


There are too many people who we invite or hang out with people because we feel we “should” out of guilt, shame or ego. Having ‘fake” friends and friends that we feel unsure about can actually cause stress and anxiety.


Your tribe/clan/inner circle sit at your table and 2017 has been about removing chairs from that table. Who are you surround yourself with moving forward? Make plans to gather those people who you really admire.