We Must Explore! November 2017 Astrology Insights

Coming out of October’s thoughts of maybe’s and what if’s, we are now seeking solidarity in our lives as November is the last month of this cycle we are in. On December 19th when Saturn moves into Capricorn ending this chapter with such grounding energy, causing this to be our new settling point for our new journey ahead. We are getting a peek into our future this November.


As we leave October we are ready to end the what if’s in our lives. We are ready to say yes to changes. This month is a preparation month. What do you need to pack for this next journey? Research and taking the journey will be a theme this month.


There is a lot going on astrologically the first week of the month. November 2nd Saturn squares Chiron, which leaves us with questions swirling our mind of, “Is this going to work?” “Can I pull this off?” Things won’t feel good enough and the need to scrap everything and start over will creep in, but don’t throw it all away yet! Let it unfold. We are having a need for excitement, newness, and stimulation. This is a day that dramatic unforeseen shifts will happen in projects and relationships because they won’t feel good enough.


November 3rd’s New Moon in Taurus is a positive energy day! Where do you want to go? What is best for you? What are you building, and what are you going to do with it? This moon will trigger a yes or no answer to the changes we want to make.


As Mercury enters Sagittarius on November 5th we will have a feeling of driving around without GPS. It’s not about the destination just yet, we need to get lost and explore, because there are lots of ways to get to our destination. There will be hills and rivers to pass and this is all part of the exploring. Mercury will be in Sagittarius for 64 days, which is longer than a normal cycle (since we have mercury retrograde next month). This is Mercury’s weakest point, making us research and look for answers. Are you ready for the journey?


November 7th Venus enters Scorpio which is not Venus’s strong point. We will have our three personal planets Mars, Venus, and Mercury all in detriment. Detriment in astrology means it’s at it’s weakest or damaged point. But just because they are at weak spots, it actually shows us the other side. It helps us find where we don’t feel powerful or our best. There are lots of wounds happening inside of us which will push us to find our happiness. Mars in detriment will pull our ego out of the way. Venus is detriment allows us to explore our desires that might have been out of our current values. Mercury in detriment lets us explore the answers in different ways. This is the ultimate adventure for answers.


The moon will also be in detriment as it enters Scorpio on the 18th. This New Moon will have us craving extreme hunger, drive, and desires to fulfill our lives. We have been feeling as if we are backed into a corner ready to bust out and make changes. This is a breaking point to deciding our future. What direction do you want to go in? This moon is filled with more intensity around finding our true wants and desires. We are feeling it’s time to change things, which is the perfect energy that flows us into the 22nd when Neptune goes direct calling in extreme change! Neptune is waking us up to seeing how much change has happened. It may be an emotional time bring up all that we have been suppressing during Neptune’s retrograde for most of this year. We can’t hold it back any longer, we must make those changes and this energy will carry us till the end of the month.


By the end of the month, it is best to go inward and ask the universe about your journey. How are you going to find peace? Take a walk on the pier out to the ocean and seek the clarity to finding your happiness. Where do you want to go in your life? Our souls have been going through an evolution. How are you going to tell the story of your evolution? You have the pen in your hand to write the wildest story ever. Make this a new chapter!