Jupiter moves in Scorpio [October 2017 Astrology Insights]


This is another huge month that will help shape us into the new idea of us. In the first week we have a major shift in our lives as Jupiter moves into Scorpio on October 10th and will be in this sign for the next 13 months. Jupiter is cleaning up the fears that were brought to us at the end of 2012 when Saturn was in Scorpio. Saturn taught us some hard lessons and now Jupiter is trying to understand what happened in 2012 that revealed deep secrets that had left your soul changed forever!  


This month starts off really positive with a Full Moon in Aries on October 5th. This is a harvest moon that will have extra magical energy that will make the moon look full for three nights. This will feel like a jump start into our new destination. This moon will have great healing energy in relationships and a great sense of peace in our life that will give you the confidence to move forward. October 5th-10th will be all about finding a positive balance, and what no better time than the chaos of now. One of the best days of the month will be October 8th when the Sun and Mercury kiss in the sky as they conjunct each other. This is a day that will change the understanding of our lives and where we are going. This is a day that we are closing majors doors and massive new doors are opening. We will find new confidence in ourselves and a belief that a different reality can happen in our lives. This is a karmic day we won’t forget.


When Jupiter enters Scorpio on 10/10, we are being dragged to the bottom of our issues that have been repressed. Jupiter is all about the adventure and once we hit the bottom we will bounce back in a positive new place, where our lives will be forever changed. We have been through so much emotional baggage that with nowhere else to turn, but to make big positive changes. Scorpio is all about receiving and Jupiter is making us a better in places we have been failing at. If you are a giver in your life, this is a time to learn to receive and if you’re a receiver this is time to learn to be a giver. Walls will be broken as Jupiter in Scorpio is about our fears. The fears that have been holding you back from living life to your fullest. Are you afraid to move? Fears of leaving your job? This time you will have the support to get over these fears. Here’s to change for the better!


October 14th we have Venus, the planet of love, moving into Libra. This will be a time we feel better about ourselves and the world! We are finding love in the newness of our lives. The next three days we will get clarity and have an understanding of what needs to get done with our desires in our life. Scorpio is an independent sign so our focus will be turned on ourselves instead of your addiction to snooping around others lives on Facebook. Go out and watch the sunsets, read poetry and feel the love of life.


On October 19th we have a New Moon in Libra and it will have us debating what to do, what to manifest, what do we want to fill up our world with? We will be searching for balance through our independence. We will be looking at our future in search of new adventures and new routines.


One of the luckiest days of the month will be October 26th when Jupiter the planet of luck and abundance crosses it’s soul with the powerful bright Sun as they conjunct in the sky. This is a day to launch or start a new business or project! Meditate and visualize your deepest desires! This is a day to look for those special moments, like when you see 11:11 on a clock. Go ahead and make a big wish! It’s time to let the Universe truly know what your heart desires. Here’s to feeling good in October!

Art by Serpent Fire 

Astrology insights by The Leo King