How I found Self-Love Through Instagram On A Rainy Day In LA


Opening my eyes to see only grey, light rain tap danced against my window. I took a deep breath and relaxed into my pillow. When living in sunny Los Angeles there is a little excitement when the rain gods decide to babysit us as the sun takes its 12th power nap of the year. It’s rare, it mystical, it’s a change that we all need. There’s something that allows us to switch up our routine, relax a little more and and apparently let go of judgment.

Fuck ya, it’s pancakes in bed time!

Racing my cat to the kitchen, she usually wins, but not today bitch. I whip up my favorite ‘4 ingredient paleo pancakes’ and I decide to get creative and add matcha powder. Who doesn’t want to eat a beautiful light sage green pancake with chocolate chips. Wait did I just add chocolate? Matcha is sooooo in. I feel like a cartoon, dancing and drooling in my Bart Simpson sweatshirt as I prance into my room. I cozy up in my bed with a bamboo tray of my homemade pancakes, tea and a my current book. Yes! The rainy morning I have been waiting for, it’s time to ‘Treat Yourself’.

Than on page 179. I saw the signs. The words shaked me in the side, like a ghetto drive by. I mean I do live in Venice. The tears started coming, and the rain gods dance louder on my window. Damn universally magic!

The black shapes on the paper made my heart implode.

“Love is so simple, so easy and wonderful, but love begins with you. Every relationship improves when you love yourself and live with awareness of your love.

Fuuuuckkkk. The tears rolled down.

It hit me.

I don’t love myself fully!?

I mean, I made myself pancakes in bed, but there is more, so much more. I’m scared, I haven’t been fully me. I am ME all day everyday, but I saw my judgements about myself.

The rain gods whispered.





The words stab my side a little deeper as my eyes saw oceans…

The only thing left for all of us to do is to create a beautiful story and enjoy a better life. How do you create a beautiful story? By being authentic, it is easy to write your story with integrity, with common sense, with love.

LOVE. Ugh, self love.

Do I have a fear of loving myself and letting others see it? See me?

It was so hidden, so suppressed. I mean, I am a loud, goofy entertainer. I live for attention, but hidden by shiny costumes, and characters.

The rain gods are now in my room standing over my bed, as if the babysitter thought I was going to sneak out.

You need to make instagram stories with you talking…

Being you.

More of them…

No no no no, I don’t want too. My judgments kicked in. “People who do IG stories can be annoying”, “There all fake”, “People who talk to their phone have egos.” ,“No one will watch them”, “I hate the way I look when I talk anyways.” “People will see my acne scars”….

All the judgement and lies fell out of my wet eyes.

More words poked my soul.

Your story is your reality- a virtual reality that is only true for you, the one who creates it.”…

”Your world is your creation, and it’s a masterpiece of art.”

Every human is a storyteller, which means that every human is an artist. Humans make up stories about everything we perceive, and just like Picasso we distort the truth; but for us, it is the truth.”…”All humans create their story with their own unique point of view, Why try to impose your story on other people when for them your story is not true? When you understand that, you no longer have the need to defend what you believe. It’s not important to be right or to make others wrong. Instead, you see everybody as an artist, a storyteller.

Duuuuhhhhhh it’s called Instagram story. We are just storytellers of our lives.

I wanted to use Instagram to share positive messages, to share my thoughts about life, to share my love for all the weird things I enjoyed Yes, aliens and kicking orange cones.

Guess what? NO ONE GIVES A FUCK except the lies I was telling myself in my head. I could feel myself being free, who am I transforming too? Talking on IG would push me to break down my wall. I would learn to be vulnerable, I would learn to not give a fuck, I would learn I loved my life, and love my thoughts about life.

It hit me…


There is only one way to change our story, and that is by changing what we believe about ourselves.

A new me was born on that rainy morning.

So what was this wonderful book that led me to this epiphany? The man who reminds us the simple truth of love, Don Miguel Ruiz, “The Voice Of Knowledge”. A serious guide to inner peace, who teaches you to stop the lies and judgement in your head and reminds us that we are Beings of love who create art.

When you come from a place of love, you only see love in all that is around you.

Thank you rain gods and Miquel for this beautiful breakthrough within.

I am on a new journey and hope to share my message of LOVE … and it might get weird.

Finding Center With Spring || Your Astrological New Year Horoscope!

On March 20th we celebrate the Spring Equinox and Astrological New Year with the first sign of the zodiac, Aries! Restart. Reboot. Refresh. It's all about YOU. The spring and fall equinoxes mean there are perfect day and night, calling in balance for our lives. Today we are finding our center.


"Time to step out into the world and reinvent yourself like a force of nature. It’s an exciting time of rebirth, renewal, and appreciating all that life has to offer. It’s New Years day! Make resolutions, make plans, reinvent yourself, change jobs, move, fall in love and EXPLORE the possibilities." - Yvonne Walker


Ask yourself:

Where do you feel balanced in life?

Where do you not feel balanced in life

What can you do to return balance or to feel more centered?


Take some time today and journal your thoughts:

What have you been dreaming about over winter?

What do you want over the next three months?

What do you feel inspired about?


Here is your Aries Horoscope ✰


Aries- Take a look at your personal goals and desires. Follow what sets your soul on fire!

Taurus- Time to close the door on old chapters. Then it’s time for some self-care, rest and reboot

Gemini-  Time to build empire Gemini and not alone, reach out for collaborations with others.

Cancer- Career blessing. Opportunities for growth. Business deals are hatching this spring!

Leo- Time to travel and explore inside and out. Self-development is key as you journey to new places.

Virgo- Look out hottie! No more vagueness in love, let your desires be known. Beware who you let in your circle

Libra- Plan date nights and build a deep foundation in your relationships. Two is the magic number of love.

Scorpio- It’s “back to basics” with working out! Spring cleaning is on your mind and body. Sexy summer here you come!

Sagittarius-  You are center stage! Ge out there! Maybe it's time to do more live videos?

Capricorn- Get in the home zone and get some spring cleaning done! Feng Shui say whaaat? Invite more people over to the Casa de Capricorn.

Aquarius- It’s all work and play in your own zip code. Stay in the moment and connect with other. Volunteer, give back and balance the joy of work and play.

Moon Wound |New Moon in Pisces March 18th 2018|

Healing Our Deep Sea Wounds


This month we are ending the story. As the Sun and the Moon and little Chiron, all meet in the sky to finish writing the last chapter in our “pain novel”. We stand on our ships, feeling deeply lost in the seas of Pisces. We’ve been tossed by the mental waters and thrown overboard by the physical winds. We yell with our arms opens to the dark night sky, “ I surrender, I’m letting go!”. Lighting cracks inside of you, this is it, you have learned from your past. The rain starts to pour from the stars as it stings our wounds, it cleanses all the pain. You are no longer a victim! The sun gentle touches your face, faith and confidence arrive as a rainbow appears to be floating in the clouds. It’s time to sail forward, into your new life. You are now capable to navigate through the darkness.



This New Moon on March 17th/18th, we are seeing where we feel like a victim. We must learn acceptance which reminds us to let go. The cosmos want you to expect miracles! Jupiter’s winds blow backwards to whisper in our ears to following our dreams! As Jupiter started it’s retrograde on March 8th in Scorpio the sign of death and rebirth we are now open to transforming.


We have a new map with new sights to journey too. New goals are planned, as we continue to search for the meaning of our life. We have set free all that doesn’t serve us, so that we can make room for a new crew, new adventures and even new treasures!


Let the Pisces energy in, as you can heal yourself this month with water.

Drink more clean water

Go for a swim

Cry it all out

Laugh till it hurts

Go in a sauna or

Visit the glorious ocean.  


Captain, set sail! Here’s to a new adventure.


Moon Mantra

“You can either see yourself as a wave in the ocean or you can see yourself as the ocean.”- Oprah Winfrey

I am a Succulent Hunter

 Me out on a hunt

Me out on a hunt

This may seem strange, but it’s about time I confess something weird. I’m not the only one who does this, because I learned from someone else who does this. So that makes it ok.

OK here it goes, so…

I ‘hunt’ for succulents.

I guess in other terms some might say I steal, but woah that’s pushing it. Let me explain….

I am not going into people’s glorious million dollar desert-esk front yards and swooping them, and that was just once when I was really high, and it was dark out. That aloe plant TOLD me it wanted to come home with me! Also in my defense it was a full moon and I like to secretly act like a ninja.

Anyways I am just taking them from the sidewalk. You know the grassy parts dogs pee on, well sometimes there are nice plants there. Plus am only taking about two hand-fulls at max. For the record I have skinny white girl hands. On average this happens only every other month or longer… i think? Hunting season is all the seasons.

Plus the sidewalk is fair game.

And I am obviously taking only the small ones where there are hundreds of them growing. Taking one or two of them now and then is nothing in terms of the aesthetics of that sidewalk.

Confession number two:

I adore them so much! I love rearranging them in my house in there cute planters with the little white rocks and green moss you buy at Michael’s Crafts. I just appreciate them so much, with all there indescribable colors. I mean ‘succulent green’ is a color according to Cirque Colors nail polish.

It’s almost like a “rags to riches” story I image for the plants. They were on the streets of Venice… and West LA (I got my certain spots) getting peed on by dogs. Now they are adorned in my jungle palace.

No going to lie, there are times I go out on a hunt and bring a small empty bag to just taken my ‘two hand max”. Just cause I anti walking down the street cupping dirt and plants in my hands. Thats looks weird?

Whatever, I feel like I have also saved money.

I don’t support commercial plant farming. I support the plants of the streets.

I give them good love and a place to grow in a safe environment.

Hunters gotta hunt

Dropping Anchor On This Virgo Full Moon In The Seas Of Pisces

It’s time to drop the anchor captain, the seas are settling and the moon is full.


On March 1st & 2nd we have a Full Moon in Virgo during the sun season of Pisces. In Pisces, we live in our emotions a little bit deeper, we feel an emotional responsibility to be more open. We want to get lost at sea and love soulfully. Yet, Virgo doesn’t know how to navigate the ship during this time. Virgo loves order, but there’s so much that feels out of place. We love our ship and staying on track towards land, but for once we dare to dream of jumping into the sea in hopes of becoming a mermaid healing our fantasties.


Once we are deep in the sea with all the other creatures, we find strength in numbers. Leah Whitehorse explains that “The great sea of the collective unconscious is surging. In the waters of Pisces, we want unity and connection. The urge is to merge and to live together in sweet heavenly harmony. In this sign we feel each other’s sorrow. Compassion flows and we begin to envision ideal scenarios to ease suffering and promote cohesion.


Hopefully we did drop our anchor and we can see land ahead. Saturn is that island in the distance reminding us to take is slow, as it’s aligns nicely with this moon. You don’t need to jump on a speed boat to make it to land. Go slow, and enjoy the healing water around you. If you feel lost, focus on the practicalities, which is Virgo’s favorite word, and the name of your ship. Focus on what’s real and tangible.


Remember Saturn is in Capricorn this whole year. ‘It’s about being responsible and accountable, climbing the mountain one step at a time. It’s about finishing what we started.”- Leah Whitehorse.


Moon Questions

How will you learn to not fear your emotions?

Are you learning to slow down?

When will you learn the importance of healing to gain strength?


 Me as a mermaid at private event

Me as a mermaid at private event

 Moon Mantra

“I must be a mermaid, I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.” ― Anaïs Nin  


Moon Food for Thought - The 2018 January & February Eclipses

As we being 2018, we start off January and February with eclipse season. Eclipses are a force of powerful change and even ‘eclipse’ things out of our lives to help us grow. For those of you who want to learn more about what eclipses actually mean and how to prepare yourself check out my blog post [HERE].


To give you a little insight. An eclipse isn’t just a cool event or a spectacle. When things in the sky move, change and do their little dance, it means we move, change, and do our little dance on earth. During eclipses, you can feel like your doing a beautiful waltz through the ballroom of life or like a drunk break dancing at the club with no handle on anything. Eclipses always arrive in pairs, stuck together with new moons and full moons, as solar and lunar. Solar means when the moon is standing in the middle of the sun and earth, creating an eclipse. Lunar is when the earth stands between the moon and the sun. It’s basically a new moon and a full moon on steroids.


For most of 2018, this eclipse season is on the Leo/Aquarius axis. We just had a lunar eclipse on January 31st, and this eclipse is about finding your community or letting go of the community you once had. The effects of this eclipse will last about 6 weeks. Eclipses are a time to eliminate and declutter your mind, body, soul.


 Me and the Moon in Joshua Tree State Park, California 

Me and the Moon in Joshua Tree State Park, California 

Here are the questions that will come to your life from this energy.


Where do you want to eliminate stuff willingly in your life?

What do you really need to follow your hearts path?

Were are you held back?

How do you get rid of the fear?

What has served it's purpose and is ready to be left?


Since eclipse come in pairs, we have it’s steak(Leo) to it’s vino(Aquarius) as the solar eclipse in Aquarius arrives on a silver platter on February 15th. This moon food has a major focus on ideas and communication because Mercury is joining us for dinner. Also joining us at the table are two asteroids, Juno and Hygeia. This means love and companionship, and health and medicine will be topics of discussion at dinner. Uranus is also joining us, sitting at the head of the table reminding you to make positive changes to improve our lives. As dessert is served you have a sense of freedom and new idea of choice, with exciting new ideas, leaving you with a happier, healthier and more enjoyable heart for what is ahead. Doggy bag of happiness it is! (I mean it is the year of the dog)


Together these two eclipses (January 31st Leo & February 15th Aquarius) are signs of new awareness! Especially for women who are now waking up and standing up from the years of being trapped and suppressed.


Moon Mantra

“Spice Up Your Life!”

Because the Spice Girls always believed in girl power!



Insights from -Astrology King