The Books I Read in 2017


I fell in love with reading this year, more so than other years. Why? I think my brain craved a hunger and thirst that books provide more than my mindless staring at Instagram pictures. Once I picked up this healthy habit in April of 2017, my mind couldn’t stop my obsession of knowledge being feed to it from real cover to cover books. My list of books grew as I reached the magical number of 11 by the end of the year. Reading this year has changed my forever and I plan to read two/three books a month in 2018. 


1.The Miracle Morning

By Hal Elrod


My new years resolution was to start my mornings off right and get in a healthy routine for my mind right away each day. This is the only book I didn't read but listened to on audiobooks. This book has changed my behaviors and the way I started my morning routine. This book is perfect for those needing structure and change in their healthy habits. This book makes me love awaking up everyday, and after a year, I still do my morning routines that this book has taught me!


2. Stealing Fire


By Steven Kotler & Jamie Wheal


This book set off my addiction to reading. It came to me at the exact moment I was experiencing everything happening in the book in my real life. The book explains how our brain functions when we are in “ecstasis” moments in our lives known as “flow states” aka STER. Self-lessness Timelessness, Effortlessness and Richness. As I was reading it I had this crazy feeling I was going to Burning Man in 4 months which I had never been too. I ended up going and thank that book for opening me up to even more magic in my life.

3. The Rise of Superman

By Steven Kotler


Continuing my addiction to “flow states”. This book talks more in depth about extreme athletes and how they perform in ecstatic moments and how athletes might have secret brain functions.


4. Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think

 by Steven Kotler and Peter Diamandis


This book is wonderful! It gives you so much hope for our future. It’s all the good news, inventions and ideas that exist in the world that the media doesn’t share with you. This was a perfect book to get your head out of this negative world. Breaks down our system and how we can change for the better as a world. Very inspiring and hopeful! 


5. Zero To One

by Peter Thiel


Peter Thiel is the CEO of Paypal. This little book is his simple way of creating a successful business. I loved his argument that you should have such a novel idea that you have no enemy or rival when starting a business. 


6. The Journeys of Socrates

by Dan Millman


Dan Millman is one of my favorite non-fiction writers! This book will play like a movie in your mind of such a powerful love story as well as as a warrior of revenge in non-violence. 


7.Incognito The Secret Lives of the Brain

by David Eagleman

My brain was ADDICTED to this book! If you want to understand yourself and how our brain works this is the bible for understanding our brain functions and why we act and operate the way we do. One of my favorite books this year! You can feel yourself getting smarter and  coming to understand yourself on such a deep level.


8. The Brain The Story of You

by David Eagleman


Dives deeper into our brain functions and is a good refresher of information from Incognito. So good your brain hurts in a mind expanding way!


9. The War of Art

by Steven Pressfield


My good friend passed this short book along to me to help break through bad habits we tell ourselves. This book is a great will-power boot and a good look into finding your creative flow. It knock self doubt right out of mind!


10. The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

by Dan Millman


Based on Dan’s real life experiences, as a college kid he befriends an old man who works at gas station who teaches him “the way of the peaceful warrior”. A beautiful story of a student and master learning about life itself. The book has endless quotes about life we all need to hear. There is so much magic in this book and is one of my FAVORITES this year!


11. Runaway species

by Anthony Brandt & David Eagleman


To me this is a beautiful history book connecting our past and how we as humans evolve and create through creativity. It is about the creative mind and how of brain functions. Loved every minute of it! 

Gather your Tribe REGULARLY


You know what’s awesome? Friends. The friends that you have deep conversations with about life and make you want to get friendship bracelets. Those friends that you vent to, get advice from and that you don’t feel judged by. Two of the biggest life boost are exercise and religious attendance. What is the secret to happiness  in these two? It’s a sense of scheduled community to them. Church on Sundays and Soul Cycle on Wednesdays.


When we show up regularly we are creating a sense of community, a bond and a sense of trust in those around us. So what does this have to do with friendships? I realized I had a couple of amazing friends that I always made the effort to hang out for a coffee meeting, breakfast or attend an event together, but it wasn’t just randomly. We actually set aside time to be “good friends”. Some friends I see more than others, but most of the time my closet friends I see at minimum once month.


When schedule work, hair appointments, and some of us have a hard time scheduling actual time to be with our close friends. Why is this so hard for some when studies show you will gain more of a well-being for life thought happiness and joy.


Surround yourself with the friends and people whom you admire. The people you hang around  shape the person you become. If you are seeking creativity go hang around the friends that are inspiring artist. If you want to improve your health, hang around those who have motivation and are active. This is actually the strongest and most direct path of change.


There are too many people who we invite or hang out with people because we feel we “should” out of guilt, shame or ego. Having ‘fake” friends and friends that we feel unsure about can actually cause stress and anxiety.


Your tribe/clan/inner circle sit at your table and 2017 has been about removing chairs from that table. Who are you surround yourself with moving forward? Make plans to gather those people who you really admire.

Why November Is The Perfect Month To Be Thinking of Your New Years Resolution


Every year we collectively set out to create new habits for ourselves, but we don’t think of them as habits, we call them New Year’s resolutions - and most of the time we don’t think about our resolutions until after all the presents are open, we are stuffed full of carbs and want to throw up if we hear Mariah Carey sing jingle bells rock one more time. Our minds are overwhelmed and looking for an escape only to be cramped with thoughts of “ ugh, I need a workout plan.” “I should really read more.” “I need to start a savings”. This is not a healthy place to start a habit.  


If you google how long it takes to create a new habit it says 21 days, but an article from James Clear in HuffPost post states that “on average, it takes more than two months before a new behavior becomes automatic- that's 66 days to be exact. And how long it takes a new habit to form can vary widely depending on the behavior, the person, and the circumstances.”


In other words, if you want to set your expectation appropriately, the truth is it most likely will take you 2 - 8 months to build a new habit! With that said, November is the perfect month to at least start to plant the seeds of what you want! Here is why November is also the perfect month to start.


Your thoughts are aligned with giving - The holidays are approaching with giving gifts, sharing food, and spending time with others is a huge part of the energy in November. You are more in a space to think about what really makes you happy. You are more mentally prepared to allow yourself to think and plant the seeds of ideas. You are able to do the reaching for the best gym, teaches classes, books, etc. You are planting the seeds!


You are mentally prepared - After Christmas, we have 5 limbo days until the New Year. Our minds are detoxing from the overdose of family, friends, and food. We don’t have much mental space to really search deeply for what we really want to create this next year within ourselves. If we have already planted the seeds, we are more likely to feel extra ready to tackle those ideas


Takes the pressure off - Also with having the holidays and allowing yourself to take a break and “let go” of your resolutions will allow them to not feel so pressured. If you start your new habit in November than take a week off at Thanksgiving, you’re more likely to want to jump back into it in the begin of December. When you come back to your resolution/goal/habit or project you can feel more inspired! You will have created a spark to enjoy it more. It all about creating your habit into a peak experience.


Use January’s energy to finish it off - Since January’s energy will be extra magical with everyone trying to start new healthy habits, you will be able to go into the next 30 days to create that habit. You will have felt comfortable with it and want to finish strong with everyone else who is on the “New Year’s resolution kick.” The time February rolls on in, you have completed your goal and either continue to adapt it or celebrate in honor of completing a goal.


We Must Explore! November 2017 Astrology Insights

Coming out of October’s thoughts of maybe’s and what if’s, we are now seeking solidarity in our lives as November is the last month of this cycle we are in. On December 19th when Saturn moves into Capricorn ending this chapter with such grounding energy, causing this to be our new settling point for our new journey ahead. We are getting a peek into our future this November.


As we leave October we are ready to end the what if’s in our lives. We are ready to say yes to changes. This month is a preparation month. What do you need to pack for this next journey? Research and taking the journey will be a theme this month.


There is a lot going on astrologically the first week of the month. November 2nd Saturn squares Chiron, which leaves us with questions swirling our mind of, “Is this going to work?” “Can I pull this off?” Things won’t feel good enough and the need to scrap everything and start over will creep in, but don’t throw it all away yet! Let it unfold. We are having a need for excitement, newness, and stimulation. This is a day that dramatic unforeseen shifts will happen in projects and relationships because they won’t feel good enough.


November 3rd’s New Moon in Taurus is a positive energy day! Where do you want to go? What is best for you? What are you building, and what are you going to do with it? This moon will trigger a yes or no answer to the changes we want to make.


As Mercury enters Sagittarius on November 5th we will have a feeling of driving around without GPS. It’s not about the destination just yet, we need to get lost and explore, because there are lots of ways to get to our destination. There will be hills and rivers to pass and this is all part of the exploring. Mercury will be in Sagittarius for 64 days, which is longer than a normal cycle (since we have mercury retrograde next month). This is Mercury’s weakest point, making us research and look for answers. Are you ready for the journey?


November 7th Venus enters Scorpio which is not Venus’s strong point. We will have our three personal planets Mars, Venus, and Mercury all in detriment. Detriment in astrology means it’s at it’s weakest or damaged point. But just because they are at weak spots, it actually shows us the other side. It helps us find where we don’t feel powerful or our best. There are lots of wounds happening inside of us which will push us to find our happiness. Mars in detriment will pull our ego out of the way. Venus is detriment allows us to explore our desires that might have been out of our current values. Mercury in detriment lets us explore the answers in different ways. This is the ultimate adventure for answers.


The moon will also be in detriment as it enters Scorpio on the 18th. This New Moon will have us craving extreme hunger, drive, and desires to fulfill our lives. We have been feeling as if we are backed into a corner ready to bust out and make changes. This is a breaking point to deciding our future. What direction do you want to go in? This moon is filled with more intensity around finding our true wants and desires. We are feeling it’s time to change things, which is the perfect energy that flows us into the 22nd when Neptune goes direct calling in extreme change! Neptune is waking us up to seeing how much change has happened. It may be an emotional time bring up all that we have been suppressing during Neptune’s retrograde for most of this year. We can’t hold it back any longer, we must make those changes and this energy will carry us till the end of the month.


By the end of the month, it is best to go inward and ask the universe about your journey. How are you going to find peace? Take a walk on the pier out to the ocean and seek the clarity to finding your happiness. Where do you want to go in your life? Our souls have been going through an evolution. How are you going to tell the story of your evolution? You have the pen in your hand to write the wildest story ever. Make this a new chapter!


Jupiter moves in Scorpio [October 2017 Astrology Insights]


This is another huge month that will help shape us into the new idea of us. In the first week we have a major shift in our lives as Jupiter moves into Scorpio on October 10th and will be in this sign for the next 13 months. Jupiter is cleaning up the fears that were brought to us at the end of 2012 when Saturn was in Scorpio. Saturn taught us some hard lessons and now Jupiter is trying to understand what happened in 2012 that revealed deep secrets that had left your soul changed forever!  


This month starts off really positive with a Full Moon in Aries on October 5th. This is a harvest moon that will have extra magical energy that will make the moon look full for three nights. This will feel like a jump start into our new destination. This moon will have great healing energy in relationships and a great sense of peace in our life that will give you the confidence to move forward. October 5th-10th will be all about finding a positive balance, and what no better time than the chaos of now. One of the best days of the month will be October 8th when the Sun and Mercury kiss in the sky as they conjunct each other. This is a day that will change the understanding of our lives and where we are going. This is a day that we are closing majors doors and massive new doors are opening. We will find new confidence in ourselves and a belief that a different reality can happen in our lives. This is a karmic day we won’t forget.


When Jupiter enters Scorpio on 10/10, we are being dragged to the bottom of our issues that have been repressed. Jupiter is all about the adventure and once we hit the bottom we will bounce back in a positive new place, where our lives will be forever changed. We have been through so much emotional baggage that with nowhere else to turn, but to make big positive changes. Scorpio is all about receiving and Jupiter is making us a better in places we have been failing at. If you are a giver in your life, this is a time to learn to receive and if you’re a receiver this is time to learn to be a giver. Walls will be broken as Jupiter in Scorpio is about our fears. The fears that have been holding you back from living life to your fullest. Are you afraid to move? Fears of leaving your job? This time you will have the support to get over these fears. Here’s to change for the better!


October 14th we have Venus, the planet of love, moving into Libra. This will be a time we feel better about ourselves and the world! We are finding love in the newness of our lives. The next three days we will get clarity and have an understanding of what needs to get done with our desires in our life. Scorpio is an independent sign so our focus will be turned on ourselves instead of your addiction to snooping around others lives on Facebook. Go out and watch the sunsets, read poetry and feel the love of life.


On October 19th we have a New Moon in Libra and it will have us debating what to do, what to manifest, what do we want to fill up our world with? We will be searching for balance through our independence. We will be looking at our future in search of new adventures and new routines.


One of the luckiest days of the month will be October 26th when Jupiter the planet of luck and abundance crosses it’s soul with the powerful bright Sun as they conjunct in the sky. This is a day to launch or start a new business or project! Meditate and visualize your deepest desires! This is a day to look for those special moments, like when you see 11:11 on a clock. Go ahead and make a big wish! It’s time to let the Universe truly know what your heart desires. Here’s to feeling good in October!

Art by Serpent Fire 

Astrology insights by The Leo King

Interesting Ways to Celebrate the Ancient Holiday of Halloween

As Halloween is fast approaching and we are looking for the hottest wonder women costume or long white Klaise wig, we have seemed to lose sight in this ancient holiday’s traditional roots and rituals. Popularly celebrated as Halloween, October 31st is the pagan holiday of Samhain (pronounced SOW-un).


In addition to its role as a harvest festival, this is traditionally seen as a time when the veil between the worlds of form and spirit is exceptionally thin. In tradition, celebrators bravely gaze beyond this veil - into our shadows, our fears, and our darkest depths. It’s also a time when we’re especially empowered to make contact with our ancestors and beloved dead with real, spooky magic.


If you are looking for new ways to get back into your witchy-selves or ways to spook your soul through this ancient holiday then here are some rituals and celebration ideas to connect with the underworld.


Create an Altar for the dead

In Samhain tradition, it is a time to honor those who have passed on from family to friends. Place candles around a picture of a loved one to light up their memories of their last existence on this earthly plane. You can leave an offering, such as incense, their favorite flower, food, or even a small material possession they loved.


The Magic of Marigolds

One of my favorite authors, Tess Whitehurst wrote in her book The Magic of Flowers, that marigolds “open the door between the worlds and facilitates a sense of connection between the living and the dead.” She also said, “It’s associated with death and rebirth in both India and South America, and is frequently featured on altars to deceased loved ones in Dia de Los Muertos celebration.” As a feng shui tip, it is best to place marigolds in the kitchen where abundance is celebrated or by your front door to honor the death and rebirth of the season and spirits. Do not place them in your bedroom to keep the spirits out or you could get some spooky dreams.


Honoring Hecate

For those who want to dress up, why not dress up as the Greek goddess Hecate? She is the goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, moon, ghosts, and necromancy. In current times she is usually depicted as a ‘hag’ or old witch, but nothing could be further from the once widely revered and influential goddess. A beautiful and powerful goddess, Hecate was the only one of the ancient Titans who Zeus allowed to retain their authority once the Olympians seized control. Zeus shared with Hecate, and only her, the awesome power of giving humanity anything she wished. She walks in the moonlight lighting up the night with her troches, familiar with the process of death and new birth, Hecate was wise in all of the earth’s mysteries.


Writing Out Your Fears

Three days after Halloween is a full moon, and moon energy can bloom three days before or after. Full moons are great for releasing, so then what a better way to cultivate this energy and take the time to write out your fears. Take a look at each fear you have written, and instead of playing out the worst case scenario, imagine a more positive outlook. If you had the magic of Hecate how would you make your fears go away through a healthier mindset? If you like, share your fears with your friends and ask for their advice or to be extra witchy, write your fears out on a piece of paper and burn them in a safe clay pot to release them from your worries. You can take the ashes and bury them outside in the dirt. Maybe place dried flowers on top as a ritual for a RIP.


Have a safe and happy Halloween!