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The moon guides us every night as it universally represents the rhythm of time through its cycles. Once you see the bigger picture of the moon’s phases you are able to understand that life happens in cycles. Learning what cycle you are in can help create clarity of this cosmic force in your life that is almost seems like you are understanding Magic! When you tap into the Moon energy you are able to strengthen your intuition, manifest your dreams and goals as well as understand time and energy. You’ll understand balance in this crazy world!

Moon rituals are a way to take control of your life and as well honor the moon and yourself through these phases of life. Moon rituals are designed for you to understand what New and Full Moons energy means, as well as what astrological sign it is in. Rituals involve creating time for YOURSELF to connect within to find answers and gain clarity. You learn to set clear intentions and goals as well as release old habits, behaviors, people and situations that no longer serve you. I will help guide you to find the answers you are seeking. I love using card readings in our session to help unleash the moons magic!

Great for-

People who are ready to grow spiritually and create healthy habits. Are you ready to see the magic of the world? Whether you are looking a sense of inner peace, clarity or mastery skills to tackle any aspect of life. Evolution of the self is key to a happy, abundant life!


Are one hour long and custom tailor to your needs each session. Sessions will be done according to the new and full moons to help expand spiritual alignment. Recommended to do a new moon and full moon session to learn about intension setting and releasing.

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1 Spirit Guiding Moon Session || $111

2 Spirit Guiding Moon Sessions (New + Full Moon) || $222

Sessions can be done through FaceTime or Skype

Venmo and PayPal are Accepted

Life can be a beautiful mess, but putting the pieces together can create such magic!


"Kelley is phenomenal, I am so glad I started working with her! Not only does she has amazing energy, but she's such a great listener and guides you through life's most difficult situations with so much understanding and zero judgment. I feel safe to talk about everything I need to work on, all my shortcomings, and know she will always be supportive of what I share and guide me through the web. I love hearing my astrology for every month and how I can use certain aspects to my advantage plus pull some extra cards for any questions I have. Kelley helps me get clear on my goals in personal life, career, my spiritual path and step towards them one foot at the time. With her encouragement and support I was finally able to go back to my daily meditation and keep on track with it. I am looking forward to keep working with her, thank you Kelley!"  

 - Zuzana Lova [Producer] Los Angeles