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Feng Shui has brought me so much peace, clarity and zen into my life. I couldn't resist sharing the secrets I have discovered as a self-taught Feng Shui enthusiast! There are many magical secrets in the ancient art of Feng Shui. Feng Shui, literally meaning “wind and water,” is a traditional Chinese concept linking the destiny of man to his environment. It aims to ensure that people live in harmony with their surroundings. It it a great tool to unblock and unlock the magic in your life!


 I come in-person to your home and help you unblock and create magic in a room or your home. Showing you the secrets as well as what would work best in the space. I will help you rework your space as well as give you tips in clearing energy in a room from old stuck memories/emotions to negative people that may have entered your home. Sessions are currently for LA locals only.

Great for-

People looking to unblock their love life, advancing in their career, or creating a more harmonized space to life in that influences magic in their life. 

To help us unblock our mind we need to unblock our surroundings.


$75 Per Hour

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Sessions are done through FaceTime or Skype

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