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My favorite! Discovering Outer Space is uncovering who you are through the magical language of astrology.  I navigate through your natal chart and break down key points in your chart to help you 'discover' your true self as told by the stars. Whether you are having trouble with money, career, health or love you will be given customize tools that work for you in our sessions to accelerate your path. The tools are techniques in mind mastery thoughts, moon rituals, reading assignments and holistic actions. You also get card readings during sessions to feel more magically aligned!

How this could help you-

Understanding your birth Natal chart that can give you guidance in decision making, help you understand your own personality and create self-awareness to better navigate through a balanced life. With the coaching, you get techniques to help you instantly reach happiness and awareness in all areas of your life. Get aligned! Believe in Magic!

What you get- 

An overview and copy of your birth chart which includes your rising, sun and moon sign to understand yourself at a deep level. You get key points in what kind of career you should be in, what kind of relationship are you looking for and you discover potential future endeavors! You also get Exploring Inner Space coaching to help balance your understanding of your "Outer Space!" 

 ♄  Saturn Return  ♄

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*For those of you who are age of 27-30 you will be given guidance as you enter your SATURN RETURN which is a huge transition in our lives occurs. We discover and learn many lessons. This ‘coming of age’ is what we cosmic-ley know as entering TRUE ADULTHOOD.  This can be such a confusing and sensitive time in your life. Our first session will help you to understand what transition you should be the focusing area of your growth. 

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I offer a FREE 30 minute phone consultation for those that are interested in working with me! Fill out the form below and I will get back to you within 48 hours. Let's create magic!

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1 Natal Chart Discovery session || $222 

* ON SALE (normally $333)

Sessions are done through Phone Call. FaceTime or Skype by request

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As Above, So Below. The stars and planets have always inspired a sense of wonder.