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Are you feeling stuck in life not knowing what direction to go? Discover you life purpose through the magical language of astrology as I spirit guide you during sessions to help you find your true life’s calling. I navigate through your natal chart and break down key points in your chart to help you 'discover' your life purpose as told by the stars. You will be given customize tools and homework that work for you in our sessions to accelerate your path to find your life purpose. You also get card readings during sessions to gain more guidance and feel more magically aligned!

What You Get-

An overview and copy of your birth chart which includes your rising, sun and moon sign to understand yourself at a deep level. You get key points in what kind of career you should be in. You also get coaching sessions to help you process the journey you are about to embark on.


Are one hour long and custom tailor to your needs each session. I work with you 4 sessions a month with recommended three months commitment of allowing the magic to unfold. Two sessions will be done according to the new and full moons to help expand spiritual alignment. 

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1 Month Spirit Guiding || $300 

3 Months Spirit Guiding || $900 

6 Months Spirit Guiding || $1,800


Sessions can be done through FaceTime or Skype

Venmo and PayPal are Accepted

Monthly Payment Plans are Available!

Life can be a beautiful mess, but putting the pieces together can create such magic!


"Kelley is phenomenal, I am so glad I started working with her! Not only does she has amazing energy, but she's such a great listener and guides you through life's most difficult situations with so much understanding and zero judgment. I feel safe to talk about everything I need to work on, all my shortcomings, and know she will always be supportive of what I share and guide me through the web. I love hearing my astrology for every month and how I can use certain aspects to my advantage plus pull some extra cards for any questions I have. Kelley helps me get clear on my goals in personal life, career, my spiritual path and step towards them one foot at the time. With her encouragement and support I was finally able to go back to my daily meditation and keep on track with it. I am looking forward to keep working with her, thank you Kelley!"  

 - Zuzana Lova [Producer] Los Angeles